About Us

Petra is a creative space based in Ottawa, ON, but we’re more than just that. We’re a collaborative environment where artists and professionals thrive. Petra is for everyone.


Creativity is what we do. Petra is home to full-time, part-time, local and transient artists in a variety of disciplines ranging from photography, fine art, modern art, multimedia, beauty and healing; or anything really. We bring people together through creativity and help foster an atmosphere perfect for making.


Community is who we are. Petra strives to build a safe and inclusive space where everyone can feel comfortable, welcome and at home. Everyone at Petra shares these values and we work together to constantly learn and improve so we can strengthen our community.


Sustainability is how we do it. Petra believes the protection and care of our planet should exist at the core of everything we do, including day-to-day operations. We work tirelessly to reduce waste, recycle and re-use materials as much as possible so that our space has less of an impact on our mother earth.